United Way helps thousands of Broward County residents who are struggling to survive. As local companies continue cutting jobs, wages and work hours, a growing number of people and families are facing hunger, homelessness and other dire circumstances.


Every dollar donated helps someone in need. Your tax-deductible gift also makes you an important partner in United Way of Broward County's efforts to move the needle in the six areas.


Please support United Way of Broward County by making an immediate tax-deductible gift and invest in change that lasts.

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Invest In Change That Lasts

The most powerful way to give by investing in all six initiatives



Assisting Broward Military as they
re-acclimate to civilian life

Financial Stability

Empowering people to earn, keep and grow assets

Emergency Needs

Providing emergency food, clothing and shelter

Improving People's Health

Ensuring people have the opportunity to achieve optimal health

Substance Abuse Prevention

Helping children, youth and families to live healthy and drug-free



Youth Success

Helping children and youth achieve their greatest potential through early learning and leadership programs