Haitian Youth Displaced to South Florida Perform at Summer Camp Celebration Provided by United Way of Broward County

August 5, 2010

LAUDERDALE LAKES, FL – (August 6) – Haitian students displaced to Broward County will perform end of year celebration at Summer Camp provided by United Way of Broward County. Out of the 35 campers, 16 are new Broward County residents.

United Way of Broward County partnered with the School Board of Broward County and other agencies to provide partial sponsorship for Haitian youth who survived the earthquake and now reside in Broward County.  UWBC covered the cost of registration fees and/or up to half of the total cost of camp for nearly 70 youth. 

WHO:  United Way of Broward County, Haitian students displaced to Broward County

WHAT:  Summer Camp children will showcase their talents through dance, drama and art

WHEN:  Friday, August 6
  10:00 am – 12:00 pm

WHERE: Eagle Charter Elementary School
  3020 NW 33rd Avenue
  Lauderdale Lakes, FL

All students have signed media release consent forms.

Funds invested by United Way of Broward County were supplied from a grant from United Way Worldwide and individual donors to provide immediate and long term relief to Haitians displaced to Broward County. Youth were able to participate in programs across the county and families were encouraged to select the program that best suited their individual needs.  Services included full-day camp, trips, meals and/or snacks, educational, social, and recreational activities.

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