United Way of Broward County

Job Title: Director, Disaster Management and Emergency Response
Department: Community Impact, UWBC
Reports to: Chief Program Officer
Status: Exempt, Full Time

General Description: This position is responsible for the planning, coordination, development, contract/system management, implementation and overall leadership, vision and focus in the development of strategies and tactics for an integrated approach to UWBC's community impact process in the area of Disaster Management and Emergency Response.

Primary Job Responsibilities & Duties:
1. Manages United Way of Broward County’s Disaster Case Management grant contracts and all partner agencies’ subcontracts.
2. Responsible for ESF 15 coordination.
3. Develops a competitive procurement process to identify local community service to successfully deliver disaster case management services to adults and/or children in Broward, Lee and Collier counties.
4. Responsible for the quality assurance process for the Disaster Case Management grant.
5. General allocations and contract management, including service/utilization management and outcomes management.
6. Acts as a liaison and point person between United Way of Broward County, the Broward County Emergency Management office, the Emergency Operation Center and the Long-Term Recovery Coalition.
7. Direct and manage EFS 15 operations.

Other Job Duties:

  • Responsible for negotiation, execution and management of all contracts related to the Disaster Case Management Program.
  • Monitors the contracts and subcontracts with local agencies to deliver Disaster Case Management services to adults and/or children in Broward, Lee and Collier Counties.
  • Coordinates, facilitates and participates in community, regional and state planning activities and submits regional reports to Volunteer Florida.
  • Manages the procurement process effectively, including analysis of subject matter and synthesis of information, meeting management tools, notices, agendas, manuals, drafting of materials to be considered, RFPs, RFA, ITN, fact sheets, statistics, etc.
  • Coordinates activities, trainings and communications for all Disaster Case Management staff, as requested by FEMA, Volunteer Florida and EFS 15.
  • Actively helps create and monitor program outcomes of funded organizations on a continuous basis.
  • Creates informational documents, gives presentations, and acts as the agency’s lead authority, both internally and externally, on the Disaster Case Management Program.
  • Supervise the Quality Management process to identify and address opportunities for improvement of operations among subcontracted providers and within the organization.
  • Develops contract management and monitoring policies and procedures. The policies and procedures shall include sampling methodology; differentiation between onsite and desk reviews; manner in which contract files are maintained; monitoring instruments utilized by the Provider, invoice processing; data entry; and fiscal management of providers.
  • Oversees all aspects of subcontract management including invoicing, utilization management, performance reporting, compliance, and budgeting.
  • Provides leadership to subcontracted partners to ensure a comprehensive, coordinated effort in delivering Disaster Case Management services.
  • Facilitates regular planning sessions and creates an information-sharing network among providers.
  • Conducts regular individual meetings with all subcontracted partners
  • Formulates, implements, and evaluates programs to assess outcomes and overall effectiveness, collecting qualitative/quantitative data on all programs, determining program implementation efficiency.
  • Responds to, and prepares for, all contract monitoring/audits; provides requested documents; coordinates monitoring process with pertinent Local, State and Federal staff; functions as a Liaison to external contract units; prepares responses to monitoring reports as needed.
  • Provides input for the budgeting process as requested.
  • Due to the leadership role United Way is called upon to play in the community, particularly during times of crisis, it is the expectation that all United Way staff will be fully engaged in the organization's crisis plan and response efforts.
  • Performs other duties and assumes other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.

Supervises: This position supervises the following positions:

  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Construction Regional Coordinator
  • Data Coordinator

Education & Experience:
Combination of education and experience normally represented by:

  •  Master Degree and 2 years experience in program administration.
  • Minimum two years of experience in disaster relief services.
  • Experience in human services contract administration, community organization, program development and/or management, program evaluation, QA processes preferably in disaster management and recovery.
  • Administrative & supervisory experience working with volunteers and staff required.
  • Proficiency required in MS Word, Excel and other related computer programs required, and research related software preferred.
  • Strong fiscal/budgeting experience required.


Environment & Physical Demands: The environment is climate controlled (i.e., heated and
air-conditioned). Lighting is adequate through overhead lighting as well as windows and blinds.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the
essential functions.
Physical demands include sitting and/or standing for extended periods of time, bending, lifting
approximately 25 pounds, regular use of the telephone, copier, fax and computer. Demands
also involve protracted concentration.

Acknowledgement: I understand that the above information has been designed to indicate the
general nature and level of work required and does not list all of the duties of the position, and
that I may be asked by my supervisor and/or management staff to perform other duties. I
understand that United Way of Broward County has the right to revise this position description
at any time based on business need. I also understand that this position description is not a
contract for employment and that United Way of Broward County or I may terminate my
employment at any time for any reason.

Email Resume to jaragon@UnitedWayBroward.org