United Way of Broward County

Housing Coordinator, SSVF / MISSION UNITED


General Description: Housing Coordinator is responsible for helping veteran clients and their families to obtain and/or maintain permanent housing under the UWBC’s SSVF Grant under Mission United initiative.  ** This is a one-year federal grant that is subject to annual renewal.



Primary Job Responsibilities & Duties:

  1. Develop and maintain relationships with area landlords, property managers, and other housing providers in Broward County and the South Florida area to ensure client choice.
  2. Develop and maintain linkages with real estate companies and public housing offices.
  3. Create, maintain, and update database of available housing units for housing programs.
  4. Network with area landlord and property managers to expand availability and variety of affordable housing units for program participants throughout the county.
  5. Contacts landlords and property managers periodically to update rent costs information
  6. Develop and facilitate client workshops and individual sessions on skills and information necessary to acquire and maintain independent permanent housing as well as create and deliver presentations on the SSVF program and housing opportunities.
  7. Speaks or when appropriate, meets with clients to evaluate specific housing needs.
  8. Informs clients and property owners of program requirements and payment process.
  9. When appropriate, escort clients regarding interviews, visit potential sites and any other external activities related to securing housing.
  10. Coordinate with SSVF agencies and/or subcontracted property inspector to schedule and/or perform HUD HQS Housing Inspections on rental property units. 
  11. Cooperatively work with SSVF partner agencies and their staff to facilitate timely requesting, processing, and ongoing tracking of payments on behalf of clients.
  12. Review work products of SSVF partner agencies and their staff to ensure accuracy, completeness, and programmatic allowability, of payments on behalf of clients.
  13. Cooperatively work with SSVF partner agencies and their staff to ensure safe and stable Rapid Re-Housing or Homeless Prevention and evaluate client satisfaction.
  14. Serve as a subject matter expert on housing for the SSVF grant, and its relationship inside of Broward County’s Homeless Continuum of Care model.
  15. Represent UWBC at external meetings and community events to promote & discuss the SSVF grant specifically, Mission United, and United Way.  




Other Job Duties:

  • Coordinate with Director of SSVF Program and Director of Mission United, to ensure continuity and comprehensiveness of housing choices for veterans.
  • Collaborate with the Quality Assurance Coordinator for the SSVF Program to ensure housing for clients meets VA guidelines and is compliant with SSVF requirements.
  • Identify conflicts and in collaboration with MISSION UNITED Legal Aid partners help with successful resolutions to disputes between clients and landlords or property managers.
  • Coordinate/collaborate with regional SSVF partner agencies and staff.
  • Develop Knowledge of the SSVF program regulations, guidelines, procedures, and requirements including: VA regulations and guidelines relating to program eligibility and participation, income determination, HUD VASH vouchers, Housing Quality Standards (HQS), rent reasonableness, payment standards, etc.
  • Provide trainings and updates to SSVF staff on housing issues and processes.
  • Develop knowledge of State and Local building and occupancy laws or regulations.
  • Ensure, directly and indirectly, that relationships with contracted and other partners, including Broward County government, housing authorities, veteran clinics and centers, are built and maintained.
  • Engage community partners to support the elimination of homelessness for veterans and increase awareness of Veteran’s housing needs in Broward County.
  • Make presentations to business leaders, community leaders & internal staff.
  • Liaise with the MISSION UNITED Advisory Council Committee and Housing Committee.
  • Performs other duties and assumes other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.
  • Due to the leadership role United Way is called upon to play in the community, particularly during times of crisis, it is the expectation that all United Way staff will be fully engaged in the organization's crisis plan and response efforts.



Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree required; unless applicant is a veteran in which case an Associate’s Degree and relevant military service experience may be considered instead.
  • Prior real estate or housing services experience helpful
  • Experience working in/with landlords and property managers in Broward County.
  • Experience with accounting and payment processing helpful.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills, public speaking experience a plus.
  • Experience with engaging communities and collaborating with human service organizations.



Carla Pearson at 954-453-3722 or cpearson@unitedwaybroward.org.