United Way of Broward County


"Be a voice for those who cannot!"

Public Policy Advocacy

When we advance the common good in our community we create opportunities for a better life for all.  We all win when a child enters school ready to learn. We all win when our youth are academically successful and graduate from high school ready for college or career.  We all win when families are financially stable and prosperous.  We all win when children and families have access to affordable, quality health care.  We all win when individuals make healthy choices and are free from substance abuse.
These are the building blocks to a strong community.  Addressing the underlying causes of problems, we will create long lasting changes. We recognize that systemic change often requires legislative action or a dramatic shift in government policies and funding.   An important path to bring about these changes at both a grass roots and grass top level is by influencing public policy and legislation through advocacy.
United Way believes government plays a critical role in creating change that can improve people’s lives, and plays a significant role in achieving our community impact goals.   But government cannot do it alone.  Neither can United Way and the rest of the nonprofit sector.  United Way of Broward County must actively engage in public policy advocacy to build coalitions and develop partnerships that include local, state and federal government, along with the nonprofit sector, faith based organizations, community activists and business leaders.

Engaging the Broward community
·      Lead Community Conversations
·      Build diverse coalitions of community stakeholders
·      Promote engagement strategies to move the public to action
·      Develop relationships with elected officials and policy makers

Public Policy Advisory Committee
·      Researches public policy issues impacting United Ways community impact work
·      Develops an annual public policy agenda and position papers
·      Creates public engagement strategies
·      Cultivates ongoing relationships with elected officials

Get Involved

Your passion for change, your desire to make a difference, and your unique voice - these are powerful tools you have to bring about positive change.

Get informed, find your voice, and tell everyone you know. Spread the word, further the mission and see the amazing process of change in action. You can be a champion by advocating a cause, engaging in public policy, and showing your commitment in everything you do.