5 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts


Different Ways to Say, “I Love You”

Looking for new ways to tell that special someone how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day? Just think outside the chocolate box! 


Here are five ideas to consider:


  1. Plant a rose bush – Rather than buying a bouquet of flowers that only lasts a few days, put a live plant in your garden. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to present a beautiful, homegrown flower to your love throughout the year!
  2. Plan 52 weeks of date nights – On separate slips of paper, jot down ideas for romantic or fun evenings together – everything from a quiet dinner for two to a pin-splitting night of bowling, and more. Put the papers into a jar or gift box and tie with a ribbon.
  3. Buy all of their favorite candies – Instead of buying an expensive box of chocolates, purchase multiples of the candy bars they like best and wrap them up in a pretty gift bag. Then your sweetheart can enjoy unwrapping their gifts a little at a time!
  4. Make note of your thoughts – Get a small blank book and write on each page another reason why your love makes your heart beat faster. Or, take a blank greeting card and write down your Top 10 reasons.
  5. Give a Gift in Their Honor – Support a worthy charitable organization such as United Way of Broward County and make a difference in the lives right here in your own neighborhood. United Way of Broward County fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community, and you can make your donation in honor of someone you love.

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