Help During the Pandemic

A Son and His Mother Find Assistance in Broward County

Andrew and Liliana


Seventeen-year-old Andrew, an American citizen, left Canada a few months ago to find a better life for himself and his mother, Liliana, who was in an abusive domestic relationship.  After working a few restaurant jobs in Fort Lauderdale, Andrew was able to save enough money to bring his mother to Broward County. The two lived together in hotels for several months and were feeling confident about their future – until the COVID-19 pandemic struck. 

Following an initial drop in wages, Andrew lost his jobs altogether when the restaurants were forced to close their doors completely. He and his mother quickly found themselves homeless and in desperate need of help, especially because Liliana was an insulin-dependent diabetic and unable to work due to her immigration status. 

Fortunately, Andrew was put in touch with local organizations receiving extra support from United Way of Broward County’s COVID-19 Campaign. Thanks to generously donated dollars, Liliana got her insulin and the family was given an Uber ride (loaded with groceries and supermarket gift cards) to a hotel with a kitchen. Andrew and Liliana were able to stay there for a week while case workers helped them get permanent housing, connected Andrew to resources for GED enrollment and employment assistance, and more. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Andrew and his mother are now in safe housing with the assistance they need to face the future together.

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