Caring for the Whole Person


United Way of Broward County-Funded Program Treats Both Mental and Physical Health

Traditional healthcare settings address patients’ physical and mental health separately. This can be especially challenging for individuals who lack adequate healthcare coverage, have transportation troubles, or have an issue (such as anxiety or depression) that interferes with getting to appointments. Without proper attention to one health area, others areas can suffer.
Such was the case with Rosa, age 56. She was being treated for bipolar depression, but, without insurance, was using the emergency room sporadically to get treatment for her high blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid problems.

Then her mental health provider referred Rosa to a unique program, Helping Individuals Live Longer (HILL), funded by United Way of Broward County.  HILL uses an integrative approach, including care coordination, to manage both mental and physical health.

Through the program, Rosa learned how her depression can be affected by her health issues. While she continues to see her mental health provider to manage psychiatric needs, she also is regularly seen by a healthcare provider. She has been prescribed medications to control symptoms of her physical health, and received a glucose-monitoring machine to test her blood sugar daily and to maintain a log to share with her healthcare provider. And her care coordinator has taught her how to follow a food plan to manage her overall care.

Rosa is just one of many people in our community benefiting from health-related programs funded by United Way of Broward County. United Way fights every day to ensure people have the opportunity to achieve optimal health.
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