Meet Daryl, a Community Volunteer

Each month we will be highlighting a United Way of Broward County volunteer. This month, we are highlighting Daryl, a volunteer with the Commission on Behavioral Health & Drug Prevention.

Daryl (right) with Gonzalo Cadima

Broward County Council of PTA/PTSA

Why did you decide to get involved with United Way?
My getting involved with United Way was very interesting. I had met Melanie Markos at a School Board meeting. She had asked me to attend a Mental Health Conference at Signature Grand. We talked and I informed her of my current volunteer position as the Male Outreach Chairman with the Broward County Council of PTA/PTSA. My assignment was encouraging and getting more men involved in PTA and helping shape our communities and families. She introduced me to Gonzalo Cadima, Director of United Way of Broward County’s Commission on Behavioral Health & Drug Prevention, and it has been such a gratifying experience for me since we met. That young man has a wealth of knowledge and a beautiful spirit.

How many years have you been involved with United Way of Broward County?    
It has been 3 years and counting.

What do you do with United Way?   
With United Way, my role as being a PTA leader is to bring collaboration and innovative ways to help our youth and families in need in the schools and communities and through partnerships with other PTAs from their respective schools and the schools’ principals and staff. It's the beginning of a work in progress.

If you could encourage someone else to volunteer what would you say to them?  
Have a good heart for serving and know that your passion runs so deep that you can do this and not get paid one dime for your time. Be steadfast and immovable, be ready for battle. Give all you got, smile when it hurts, love when it denies. Volunteer when you get the opportunity because someone out there needs you, needs your support, your kindness, but most of all they need your love. Love unconditionally.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.  
I know I am a freestyle rapper, but when singing around my grandkids, they remind me all the time my rapping is old school – “Just like you, Grandpa… old.” (LOL)

Personal quote:
The moment you decide to find your voice is when you decide to break from your silence.


Commission on Behavioral Health & Drug Prevention