United for Change: Supporting Veterans

There are only 3 Tuesdays left in June to show your support! Help us reach our United for Change campaign goal of 25 donors every Tuesday during June, for a total of 100 donors!

The truth is quite simple: Without your generosity, we could not support the hundreds of Veterans each year who rely on United Way of Broward County's MISSION UNITED to acclimate back to civilian life.

Veterans like Jose Morales would not have received the necessary support to avoid homelessness.

Since Jose was a small boy, he dreamed of serving his country. He served for over 20 years in the US Army.

United%20For%20Change_E-Blast%20%232%20Graphic_1080%20x%201080_1.pngDuring his service, he encountered what many hope to never experience, including being a first responder following the September 11th attack. While he saved many lives under the rubble, it was a traumatizing moment. "It was horrible," Jose stated. "No one wakes up and expects these things to happen."

After he retired from the Army, life became very difficult for Jose and his family. "When I first went into the military, there were many promises that life would be great once I retired. But it was not like that." Jose felt he didn't have the money management skills he needed to acclimate to civilian life.

"I ran into a tough financial time and ended up almost homeless. I was staying in a hotel when I was connected to MISSION UNITED. MISSION UNITED's staff helped get me and my family a place to live and taught me money-saving skills that have allowed me to meet my financial goals." After supporting Jose with housing, MISSION UNITED kept in touch and connected Jose and his family to other resources, including local food banks and school supplies for his children.

With the support of MISSION UNITED, Jose and his family were able to save their money and are preparing to purchase a home to begin a new life together.

This wouldn't be possible without YOU. Every gift has a long-lasting positive impact on the lives of those we serve. We ask you to join us today and stand UNITED for Change for those in need in our community.

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