Women's History Month: Erika Royal

In honor of Women's History Month we will be highlighting volunteers, advocates and friends of United Way of Broward County throughout the month. This week, we are highlighting Erika Royal. 

Erika Royal, Holland & Knight

womens history monthWhat are you involved with at United Way of Broward County and why?
I am primarily involved in providing employment law-related training to United Way of Broward County employees and also providing advice and counsel with respect to Human Resources and Employment Law-related issues to United Way of Broward County.  I am so happy to be able to take this area of expertise that I love and that I have worked in for over twenty years and provide valuable assistance to United Way of Broward County on a pro bono basis as part of my and my firm’s commitment to the community.

What is your favorite thing about being a woman?womens history month
My favorite thing about being a woman is being a mother.  I have two daughters and a son and, it sounds cliché, but motherhood changed my life.  It is very important to  me to raise children who are well-rounded and happy, but who are also good people with a strong sense of self and good values.  Every day, I learn so much from them, while also striving to be an example to them of what is possible.


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