Women's History Month: Meet Dr. Sharetta Remikie

In honor of Women's History Month we will be highlighting volunteers, advocates and friends of United Way of Broward County throughout the month.

This week, we are highlighting Dr. Sharetta Remikie.


womens history monthHow are you involved with at United Way of Broward County?
United Way of Broward County recently participated in a community wide Haitian baby shower through Healthy Start where I am a board member. 

Which woman inspires you and why?Although I find inspiration for several woman, especially Black women the one that inspires me most is Glorishia Jones. She will not be found in any history books or any Google search. Not to be cliché-ish, she is my mom. Although my mother passed away over 10 years ago, the foundational lessons and character traits she instilled in me continues to produce my every being. My mom was a single mom with very minimal means.

However, in spite of her circumstances she knew that exposing me to the concept of education was my first priority. She would tell me that increasing my intellectual capacity would create opportunities no one could take from me. Her womens history monthmain illustration of that notion was I could buy a house, however it could be foreclosed; I could buy a car, but it can be repossessed, however if I obtain knowledge no one could take that from me. Mommy always reminded me that when I grow it is my responsibility to help others grow. Empathy for others is a descriptor she lived and she instructed me to ensure it is a title associated with who I am. Mommy’s caring, gentle, meek , loving and giving demeanor touched so many. Yet, I never knew the magnitude of her reach until her memorial service. The attendees expressing love and appreciation for the life she led were flowing out the doors of the church. She has truly left a legacy that I am honored and proud to carry on. 

What is your favorite thing about being a woman? 
The unique ability to carry life via pregnancy. This positions women as the carrier of the human race and we have ultimately taken a stance in ensuring humanity is preserved. However, my most favorite thing about being a woman, more specifically an African American woman, is the strength and resiliency displayed over our life course. The oppression African American women have endured has birth excellence, innovation, change and hope. 

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