Dinner at the Square: Have We Done Enough?

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Dr. King's Elusive Promised Land: Has America Done Enough to Achieve Racial Justice?
Professor Stephen Balkaran discusses milestones in Black history and the struggle for equality. He brings with him a wealth of experience in civil rights, African American Studies, and diversity and inclusion to interact with students on how America has fallen short and how we can get to “the promised land.”

The Student Village Square at Broward College – a political forum for students, by students – provides a safe and engaging space for civic engagement on diverse matters of local, state, and national importance. Much like Broward College’s Village Square, the Student Village Square aims to help maintain factual accuracy on diverse issues, and cultivate dispassionate, reasoned dialogue but for the College’s student body. The topics of the Student Village Square are learning-centered, that is, aimed at enhancing the curriculum of the College.

Speaker – Professor Stephen Balkaran, History and Political Science

Moderator – Associate Dean Priscilla Suarez, supported by the Arts Humanities Communications and Dance Pathway at Broward College




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