How to Build Constructive Habits - Community Training

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United Way of Broward County Invites You to Join Us for a Community Training
Topic: How to Build Constructive Habits 
Presented by Edouard Gilles, Holistic Health Coach and Personal Development Speaker

Is your life in a loop? Do you find yourself trying to make progress on your fitness, financial or personal goal and can't seem to get it right? Are your habits working for you or against you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to make a shift and change direction. To shift, it is important to have your habits work for you rather than against you by intentionally creative positive and constructive habits. 

Learn how to build constructive habits with Holistic Health Coach and Personal Development Speaker, Edouard Gilles. He shares how habits are formed through neuropathways in our brain and how you can build the neuro strains that shifts your life experience from pain to pleasure. If you have a goal that you are looking to achieve, a major shift you are trying to make or if you are looking to make a holistic transformation, this is the workshop for you. 

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