The Making of a Diamond: The Journey to Self-Discovery & Self-Actualization

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United Way of Broward County Invites You to Join Us for a Community Training
Topic: The Making of a Diamond: Your Journey to Self-Discovery & Self-Actualization
Presented by Jessica Jefferson

    As providers at different stages of the corporate ladder, you will learn about adaptive coping and self-care techniques that will help you thrive in this hectic and emotionally daunting season of life.

    Just as a diamond is made from the intense pressure it endures, you are forming your personal/professional identity through the process.  When the process is complete and the pressure subsides, you emerge as a beautiful and brilliant treasure in the world. But while you may be one of the toughest, most resilient natural wonders there is, every diamond has its weak spot. Untimely blows from career stress, fatigue or traumatic life events can be crushing; but with the proper self-care plan in place, you’ll be able to endure the process, discover your purpose and potential, and preserve your value as a person and as a professional. As a result, you will shine your best and your brightest in every aspect of your life.

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