Suicide Prevention: Working with LGBTQIA+ Youth

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United Way of Broward County Invites You to Join Us for a Virtual Training
Topic: Suicide Prevention: Working with LGBTQIA+ Youth
Presented by: Anika J. McDonald, LCSW

During this training, professionals will enhance their interventions that can be useful to prevent risk of death by suicide while increasing cultural competency and advocacy that can help to be supportive for LGBTQIA+ Youth in oppressive communities/households. This will be an interactive conversation to increase the participants' knowledge about different sexualities, gender identities/presentations and biological sexes and how the LGBTQIA+ community is affected by biases, discrimination and policies. Participants will learn signs of suicide and ways to communicate, help and support different Youth. The suicide rate of LGBTQIA+ Youth is 1.5 times higher than that of their strait and cisgender counterparts, so in this training some cultural norms that can encourage the dehumanization of different populations will be challenged. 

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