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United Way Announces Legal Portion of "Mission United"

Natalie Horowitz
October 18, 2012

United Way of Broward County and Legal Aid Service of Broward County have partnered together to launch the newest veteran’s pro bono project that will offer a broad range of civil legal services to veterans, returning veterans and their families.

The program, funded by United Way, will supply an attorney and a part-time paralegal who will oversee the recruitment, training, support and mentoring of pro bono attorneys who have made a commitment to provide legal services to veterans. This staff will also screen clients for eligibility, place cases with the appropriate pro bono attorney, develop clinics and, through Legal Aid’s pro bono project, Broward Lawyers Care, administer the program and ensure its success.

“Our veterans and their families have sacrificed everything for our security,” said Legal Aid Executive Director Tony Karrat. “We cannot fail them as they return home.”

Pro Bono attorneys will assist veterans by helping them address the many legal problems that stand in the way of their successful re-entry into civilian life.  These include: family law matters, foreclosures, evictions, securing VA and disability benefits, homelessness, wills and probate issues, creditor/debtor problems and many other legal obstacles they face.

“Mission United is a far-reaching program for returning veterans with so many elements.  The legal portion is critical to the success of the program and the well-being of our veterans,” said Kathleen Cannon, President and CEO of United Way of Broward County.  “We are so pleased to partner with Legal Aid, who shares our vision in reaching out to those who need help the most.” 

For more information about the legal program, please contact: Melisa Malone at 954/736-2426 or by email at mmalone@legalaid.org.


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