United Way of Broward County

United Way of Broward County Joins Forces with United Way Worldwide to Provide Assistance to the Philippines

November 14, 2013

United Way of Broward County, along with United Way Worldwide, is proud to be actively supporting relief efforts in the Philippines.  The recent devastating typhoon has resulted in more than 10,000 deaths and a path of destruction that is astounding. 

United Way Worldwide Disaster Rebuilding Fund has been reactivated to accept contributions to the global efforts to help the victims of the typhoon. Through its partners in the Philippines, much-needed funds will be allocated to support the massive endeavors to rebuild, rescue and provide food and medicine to the people and villages that were ravaged by the storm.  

“It is difficult for us to imagine the scope of this tragedy,” said Kathleen Cannon, CEO of United Way of Broward County.  “Sadly, we have seen our own share of damaging storms with Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy wreaking havoc on the United States, but Typhoon Haiyan’s impact is even greater.  We must come together as a nation and provide whatever help we can to the many, many people left homeless and hungry in the Philippines.”

United Way encourages online donations at http://worldwide.unitedway.org/news/entry/support-recovery-and-rebuilding-in-the-philippines/.



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