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ALICE Study reveals 44% of Broward County households continue to struggle to afford the basics.

United Way of Broward County
February 22, 2017

Study reveals 44% of Broward County households continue to struggle to afford the basics


Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (February 22, 2017)United Way of Florida today released the ALICE® Report Update. The ALICE – (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) Report places a spotlight on hardworking, yet struggling residents who have little or no savings and are one emergency from falling into poverty. 


According to the report, there are 296,943 Broward County households unable to afford the basics of housing, food, health care, child care and transportation.  This includes more than 31% “ALICE” households that live above poverty but below the ALICE threshold, or the basic cost of living. Combined, ALICE and poverty households, account for 44% percent of households in Broward County.  While this total percentage has remained steady since the 2014 report Broward’s population has continued to grow meaning there are thousands more families making less than what it takes to survive on their own.


Originally introduced in 2014, the ALICE update provides a deeper look, county-by-county, at how households have struggled since before the 2007 recession through 2015. Using data from a variety of sources, including the U.S. Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Internal Revenue Service and Florida Department of Education, the report tells us more about the number of working individuals and families struggling financially in Florida. 


“We all know ALICE,” said United Way of Broward County President and CEO Kathleen Cannon. “ALICE is the recent college graduate unable to afford to live on his or her own, the young family strapped by child care costs and the mid-career professional now underemployed. These folks are vital to our state’s future economic well-being, and they face barriers beyond their control frustrating their ability to become financially stable. United Way of Broward County will continue to work to find solutions and create programs to help this population.”


ALICE families and individuals are often forced to make choices that compromise health and safety in order to make ends meet, putting both ALICE and the wider community at risk of long-term societal and economic repercussions.  United Way of Broward County uses the report to shape programs and policies in local communities by bringing together business, government, non-profit and faith-based leaders and volunteers with a focus on providing the basic foundation in the areas of education, financial stability and health to help improve the lives of ALICE and those in poverty, for the long-term benefit of the wider community.


For more information or to find additional data about ALICE in Broward County and other local communities, please visit www.unitedwaybroward.org.


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