United Way of Broward County

When Gavin received full custody of his two children, he felt overwhelmed and did not know what to do or where to start. Up until just a few weeks prior his daughters were living with their mother. Sadly, she suffered from severe mental health issues and was no longer able to care for their children. Gavin quickly came from only seeing his children on holidays to becoming a full time single parent. 

Gavin and his children were referred to an early childcare program funded by United Way of Broward County. During the first six months of sessions Gavin was uncooperative with the staff’s recommendations, it was a hard adjustment for him to have to put his priorities aside. He didn’t have any boundaries set with his children, they didn’t have a set dinner time, bed time and he didn’t play with them when they came home from school.

About eight months into the program, something changed with Gavin. He developed a close bond with his children, he wanted to see them grow, succeed and have a father they could look up to. He began to open up to the social worker paired with him and was reciprocating to their support and advice. 

After completing the parenting series, Gavin is applying what he has learned with his children. He attends parent council meetings regular, has his children on a set schedule and their school teachers have seen a dramatic improvement in their early learning education.

Gavin is now a strong partner and ADVOCATE of United Way, he was recently on the front cover of a local magazine highlighting the success of the program and the impACT it has on so many families in our community. Whether you are a new donor or have contributed before, we invite YOU to ACT now by clicking the DONATE BUTTON below and make an impACT in someone’s life right here in our community.