United Way of Broward County

Christopher never thought that after four long tours that the hardest battle he would face is when he returned home.

After serving our country in the 1st Ranger Battalion of the 75th Ranger regiment in Special Operations Command, Chris was looking forward to coming home to be reunited with his wife, his daughter and his friends. Once home, among all the joy and love he received, he found himself struggling with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). 

All he could think is why is this happening to me? He was in a downward spiral that was quickly becoming out of control, he lost his job, was fighting with his wife, spending his family savings on frivolous items and relied heavily on alcohol to cope. He eventually opened up to his friend who served with him and learned about United Way of Broward County's MISSION UNITED program. 

MISSION UNITED connected Chris with a Case manager who was able to assess his needs and provide the help he needed - therapy, couseling and financial planning. With this support he was finally able to confidently re-acclimate to civilian life. 

"MISSION UNITED has filled me with a sense of pride as I witness the community coming together to assist veterans, like me, as they transition from military to civilian living. MISSION UNITED changed my life." 

Thanks to United Way of Broward County's MISSION UNITED, veterans like Chris receive the help they need. Click the DONATE BUTTON to provide support to our veterans who have sacrificed everything for us.