veteran employmentMany employers are either unaware of the numerous skills and experiences veterans acquire while on active duty or mistakenly believe these skills are not transferable outside the military. As a result, too many veterans in Broward County are unemployed – and an even larger number are underemployed, meaning they have greater qualifications than their jobs require. 

Underemployment occurs because veterans frequently take less optimal employment in the short term in order to replace income immediately after leaving active service. This is especially true if they have a family to support and cannot afford an extended job search. Geographic dislocation and lack of civilian job search skills exacerbate an already difficult situation. So, they may have a job, but they haven’t necessarily started a career.

If This is you, a mission united success coach can help.

The MISSION UNITED Success Coach Initiative offers the opportunity for Broward County military veterans to be mentored by qualified and enthusiastic civilian volunteer career coaches. Whether you are seeking initial employment during/after transition or you are looking to advance your career, MISSION UNITED offers you the assistance of competent business professionals. 

Through a thorough, respectful and supportive partnership, your Success Coach will help you:

  • Connect your military skills and experiences to valuable civilian job requirements
  • Establish your career goals and draft a career plan
  • Create a resume that stands out to civilian employers
  • Conduct effective job searches 
  • Network and make valuable career connections
  • Complete job applications and prepare for interviews
  • Evaluate job offers and negotiate salary
  • Secure long-term job retention and career success

Your Success Coach will maintain weekly contact with you and commit to mentorship for at least one year.

Your Success Coach has experience in human resources, staffing or recruiting, or has other relevant supervisory experience critical to helping you identify and launch a great career. Your Success Coach may not be a veteran, but has a strong respect for your military service and has access to MISSION UNITED’s extensive network of case managers, counselors and other relevant experts.

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