United Way of Broward County

More than 2,300 men, women and children are homeless in Broward County.




United Way of Broward County and The Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance are working together to find new solutions and strategies to end homelessness as we know it in our community. The newly formed Broward Business Council on Homelessness consists of local business leaders who are working together to end chronic homelessness (people homeless for one year or longer) in Broward County.


Our community has adopted the approach of 'Housing First' - providing people that are chronically homeless apartments and ensuring they receive vital "wrap around" services. This approach is widely recognized as more cost-effective, humane and successful in place of these same individuals cycling in and out of emergency rooms and staying on the streets. This approach ensures people receive the mental health and medical help they need to remain safely housed and off the streets.




Faces of Homelessness


                        June's Story                                        Jennifer's Story                                            Carla's Story




                                               Bruce's Story                                                                     Lala's Story



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