YOUnited Newsletter April 2019

Key Legislative Asks 2019


Income Tax Preparation:    
Support HB 3693 by Rep. Raschein and Senate Local Funding Initiative Request #1859 by Sen. Gibson.  They seek a $1.2M appropriation for tax preparation assistance programs statewide that will help ALICE families get their EITC refunds and other refundable tax credits.  Working families leave more than $1 billion of these credits “on the table” each year in Washington.

Affordable Housing:    
Support SB 70 by Sen. Mayfield and HB 1103 by Rep. Silvers, which prohibit the sweep of Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Funds to general revenue. These funds are especially needed this year for the post-Irma hurricane housing crisis.  


Quality Early Learning:
Support HB 871 by Rep. Ausley and SB 970 by Sen. Baxley to require coordination and collaboration between public elementary schools and their “feeder” prekindergarten programs to ensure a smoother and easier transition for students and families.
Support HB 1193 by Rep. Grall and SB 1594 by Sen. Harrell to further implement HB 1091 (passed by the 2018 Legislature) by addressing student screening, program assessment, and development of performance standards for mathematical and executive functioning skills.

Help Me Grow:
upport HB 4287 by Rep. Anthony Rodriguez requesting $4.5 million to expand HMG service to all 67 counties. Help Me Grow links parents and children to local services.

Early Learning Teacher Professional Development:
Support HB 4503 by Rep. Ana Maria Rodriguez, which provides an appropriation to enhance the Child Care Wages program.
Support HB 1027 by Rep. Aloupis and SB 1456 by Sen. Harrell to strengthen early learning professional training and to create career advancement opportunities for early learning professionals.


Home and Community Services for Elders:    
Ask Legislators to support an additional $8.5 million for Community Care for the Elderly and Home Care for the Elderly during the appropriations process.  These funds will take 1,154 frail seniors off of waiting lists for these programs so they can remain in their homes and avoid costly nursing home care, usually paid for by taxpayers.

Medicaid in Schools:    
Support Sen. Montford’s SB 0290 and HB 0587 by Rep. Andrade to delete current statutory language so school-based health services can be provided to all Medicaid-eligible child.

Behavioral Health:
Support a funding request of $83,769,179 for the behavioral health Managing Entities in non-recurring funds for non-recurring mental health, substance abuse, residential services, medication assisted treatment and prevention funds in response to the opioid crisis.

Dental Therapists:    
Support HB 0649 by Rep. Plasencia and SB 0684 by Sen. Brandes to expand the scope of practice for dental therapists working under the supervision of dentists, which will increase access to oral health services for all Floridians.
•    Support HB 471 by Rep. Fernandez-Barquin and SB 586 by Sen. Brandes to authorize Medicaid funds to be used to pay for the expansion of the authority of dental therapists.


Veterans Education:    
Support HB 217 by Rep. Hattersly and SB 442 by Sen. Lee, which change language in the Military and Veterans Active Duty charter to standardize transfer of college credits.  

Services for Veterans and Their Families:    
Support HB 365 by Rep. Hattersly and SB 1222 by Sen. Harrell Utilize 211 to provide Florida veterans and their families’ access to quality community-based health services.