Legacy Giving

Perpetuate your values

by leaving a legacy

Legacy/endowment gifts are the most trusted way to assure that the values you cherish and the beliefs you champion will continue on in perpetuity. It cements and celebrates your legacy of generosity and service to others by leaving a permanent mark as well as inspiring current and future generations through your example.

Your legacy gift to United Way of Broward County will:

  • Deliver the enduring message to your family and community of your philanthropic values
  • Leverage your dollars to have the greatest influence
  • Maximize diverse partnerships in our community to find long term solutions for current problems 
  • Allow continuous support for the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community 

Your legacy is a lasting testament to your charitable beliefs, generosity and a connector to the passion or cause you engage. 

What will your legacy be? 


2018-2019 Planned/Legacy giving committee


Ray Leightman

Community Advocate


Ken Bierman 

BNY Mellon

Ned Black

Community Advocate

Carolyn Davis

Community Advocate

Allison Muney

Zimmerman & Associates, P.A.

Kevin Shacter

Northern Trust

Legacy Giving
Legacy Giving
Legacy Giving
Legacy Giving