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A Bi-Weekly Highlight of the Great Impact Your Generosity is Making Possible in the Lives of Those in Our Community

MISSION UNITED — Ten Years of Service

Hear from four local Veterans who were served by MISSION UNITED and how their lives were positively changed.

Mental Health Awareness Month
Mental Health Awareness Month

This month is a time to raise awareness about mental health issues and promote resources to support those in need. Click the link below for FREE mental health resources.

Behavioral Health Conference
Behavioral Health Conference

Thank you to the speakers, delegates and 650+ professionals who attended our 8th Behavioral Health Conference — The Power of Prevention. Click below to view the event images.

Emergency resources

Flooding Response

During times of crisis, United Way of Broward County, the Community Foundation of Broward, and the Jewish Federation of Broward County activate "Broward Cares" to deliver strategic, coordinated help where it's needed most.

In response to the lingering effects of the recent flooding, the partnering organizations will mutually collect and pool donations to support the recovery efforts of local nonprofits hard at work to help people in our community affected by the storm.

Click here to support.

Broward Cares

Prevention Resource Center

United Way of Broward County's Commission on Behavioral Health & Drug Prevention developed the center to create a centralized information/resources to prevent substance use and provide mental health resources. 

Click Here to Visit the Prevention Resource Center

It's OK to not be OK. If you or someone you know needs help, dial 9-8-8.

ABOUT United Way of Broward County

United Way of Broward County fights for the Health, Education and Financial Prosperity of EVERY person in our community.

What We Do

Ensuring People have the opportunity to achieve optimal health

Achievements of Those Measured:


100% expressed improved social support


100% expressed improved mental and physical health


82% expressed increased access to healthcare

Helping people achieve their greatest potential through learning and leadership programs

Achievements of Those Measured:


93.2% increased their STEM/STEAM knowledge


100% expressed improvement in maladaptive behaviors


98.1% improved their social skills and self-esteem

Empowering People to Earn, Keep and grow assets

Achievements of Those Measured:


95.8% increased their level of self-sufficiency in income


99% increased their level of self-sufficiency in access to food


100% of those placed in a job retained their employment

Success Stories