to achieve optimal health

Being healthy is the foundation on which every person of every age thrives.

United Way of Broward County invests in dozens of programs, services and partner organizations that ensure individuals and families in our community have increased control over their own health and well-being.

With the generous support of our donors, together we are:

  • Providing Health and Wellness Care Coordination services, connecting clients to resources to meet their multiple needs
  • Providing in and out-of-home care, including health and preventative services
  • Reducing risk factors and fatalities resulting from chronic illness
  • Promoting healthy behaviors and disease prevention through planned activities, education and supportive services
  • Eliminating barriers by providing equal opportunity to healthcare services

Our Health programs provide care and support to wide-ranging, diverse groups of people, such as the ALICE population, children and adults with specials needs, isolated seniors, new mothers and expectant mothers, those with chronic illnesses, the homeless, and the LGBTQ community.

Our goal is to help the people who live in our community get — and stay — healthy.


United Way of Broward County in partnership with FamilyWize offers a FREE prescription discount program that is available to everyone. There are no age restrictions, income restrictions or limit on use. It can be used by people who do not have health insurance and for medications that are not covered by insurance plans.

Nearly 700 local pharmacies accept the FamilyWize Prescription Drug Discount Card. On average, consumers save 45% on prescriptions.

Click here to download the discount card and utilize the widget here to see the best available prices for generic and brand name prescription drugs in real time.


supported by United Way programs


of respondents who received healthcare services reported an increase in their overall emotional wellbeing


of respondent parents with children who have special medical needs reported an increase in their knowledge, skills, and abilities to care for their child


of respondents with chronic medical conditions were able to access preventative care through home visits



Tears streamed down Emily’s face as she hugged her mom. She was hungry, scared and confused and her mom, Jessica, was just as scared.

Jessica and Emily