ALICE in Broward County

Point-in-Time data

ALICE is an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed - households that earn more than the Federal Poverty Level, but less than the basic cost of living for the county (the ALICE Threshold). While conditions have improved for some households, many continue to struggle, especially as wages fail to keep pace with the cost of household essentials (housing, child care, food, transportation, health care and a basic smartphone plan). Watch the video here. 

Population: 1,951,260 | Number of Households: 694,980
Median Household Income: $57,278 (state average: $55,462)
Unemployment Rate: 5.3% (state average: 5.2%)
ALICE Households: 37% (state average: 33%) | Households in Poverty: 13% (state average: 13%)

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What types of households are struggling?
In the past few decades, there have been major shifts in household composition. The share of American adults who have never been married is at a historic high, as is the number of senior households. There is also a growing number of people who live alone or with roommates and an increasing share of grown children who live with their parents. Yet all types of households continue to struggle: ALICE and  poverty-level households exist across all of these living arrangements. 

Households by Income, Broward County
Households by Income Broward County

Sources: ALICE Threshold, 2010-2018; American Community Survey, 2010-2018

Household Income by Household type, Broward County
Household Income by Household Type Broward County

Sources: ALICE Threshold, 2018; American Community Survey, 2018

Why do so many households struggle?


Broward County ALICEThe cost of household basics outpaces wages...
The Household Survival Budget reflects the bare minimum cost to live and work in modern economy and includes housing, child care, food, transportation, health care, technology (a smartphone plan) and taxes. It does not include savings for emergencies or future goals like college or retirement. In 2018, household costs were well above the Federal Poverty Level of $12,140 for a single adult and $25,100 for a family of four. 

Household Survival Budget Broward County

....and the labor landscape is challenging for ALICE workers
A breakdown of the labor force shows a small portion of adults (16 years and older) who are unemployed and a large number who are working. However, a significant portion of full- and part-time workers are paid by the house; these workers are more likely to have fluctuations in income and less likely to receive benefits. There is also a high number of workers outside of the labor force (people who are not employed and not looking for work), which has helped keep wages low: When more workers are available, employers have less incentive to raise wages to attract employees.  

*Wage working full-time required to support this budge
For ALICE Survival Budget Sources, see the 2020 Methodology Overview available at

Note (Broward County 2018 Chart): Municipal-level data is 1- and 5-year averages for Incorporated Places and County Subdivisions, which include Census Designated Places (CDP) and Census County Divisions (CCD). Totals do not match county-level numbers because some places cross county boarders, geographies may overlap, data is not available for the smallest towns and county-level data is often 1-year estimates.  


Labor Status, Population 16 and Over, Broward County

Labor Status Broward County

Note: Data for full- and part-time jobs is only available at the national level; these national rates (51% of full-time workers and 75% of part-time workers paid hourly) have been applied to the total county workforce to calculate the breakdown shown in this figure. Full-time represents a minimum of 35 hours per week at one or more jobs for 48 weeks per year. 

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