Did You Know?

  • Broward County has the second highest percentage of HIV/AIDS cases in the state.  
  • Residents without adequate access to affordable healthcare has increased by 23 percent in Broward County.
  • Broward County is ranked second in the state for the diagnoses of new Cancer cases with an average of more than 8,800 cases a year. 
  • Approximately 24 percent of Broward youth (11-17) are considered either overweight or obese.


You Can Help

You Can Help people prevent disease and live a healthier life.


Making a difference for families and individuals

  • Increasing the number of individuals avoiding risky behaviors - Investing in programs providing education, outreach, and prevention services to those who are at risk of becoming infected with HIV/AIDS and other transmittable diseases.
  • Improving access to nutritious foods - Low income children are provided a nutritious daily afternoon snack and receive education on the importance of choosing healthy foods.  
  • Increasing the number of individuals who are healthy - focusing on early detection programs and providing a supportive environment for those who are battling cancer.


  • Increasing access to affordable and quality healthcare - reducing the cost to the public health system by funding programs that offer preventative healthcare, medical treatment, case management, and supportive counseling to the uninsured and medically underserved.

What Success Looks Like

Ensuring people have the opportunity to achieve optimal health

  • Our community is healthier:
    • Children have proper nutrition
    • Decrease in risky behavior
  • Broward County residents have more opportunities for access to quality healthcare and preventive services.