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HELPING PEOPLE REACH their greatest potential Through United Way, you help today’s youth achieve their greatest potential by focusing on early learning and leadership programs. You’re the reason children are

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Emily and Jessica

A ‘FRESH’ START FOR A SINGLE MOTHER AND HER DAUGHTER Tears streamed down Emily’s face as she hugged her mom. She was hungry, scared and confused and her mom, Jessica,

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The Prevention Resource Center’s Evaluation and Research is cutting edge local and national efforts and strategies to improve our understanding and amplify the efficiency of efforts and developments in the

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EMPOWERING PEOPLE TO earn, keep and grow assets We have seen the studies….37% of all households in Broward County are one emergency away from falling into poverty. Each month is

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United Way of Broward County is honored to steward our generous donor dollars. This is a role we take very seriously and as such, engage community volunteers to oversee every

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