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Now more than ever there is a need for mentors to serve as role models and provide youth with guidance and support.  Caring adults can play a vital role in helping students deal with the challenges they face.  Mentoring is a powerful way to support education and make a real difference in a child’s life. 

Imagine a gifted student with good grades and a desire to go to college but no idea how to get there.  Your task may be to help her take the necessary steps and believe it the possibility of higher education in a family for whom this is not the norm. 

Or you may encounter a student whose greatest obstacle is a lack of self-confidence.  One who is often told that he is not good enough.  In his mind, there is no reason to go to school, make good grades or even demonstrate positive behaviors.  Becoming a role model for such a student can go a long way towards changing his life.
Mentors are never more valuable in a child’s life than when they are helping the student deal with real life situations.  Talking not only about the things the student should do to improve themselves but also validating who they are right now.

A good mentor need bring nothing more to the relationship than a sincere desire to help a child and a commitment to truly engage with the student. Share what you know – become a mentor today.


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