Benefits of Volunteering

covid volunteeringUnited Way of Broward County loves our volunteers!  That’s because, whether the intention is to give back or pay it forward, connecting with the community or simply doing “the right thing,” volunteers make a big impact in the lives of others. However did you know volunteering can also benefit your own health, particularly during the pandemic?  

  1. Volunteering leads to lower rates of isolation, loneliness and depression, especially for those age 65 and older. Even if you are participating in an online volunteer training, you’ll enjoy social interaction and build a support system based on common interests – both of which promote a positive state of mind. A side benefit: you can meet others, develop new relationships and strengthen existing friendships.
  2. Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose. You can collect food for donation to a local food bank, deliver food to a homebound Veteran, drive a neighbor to a COVID-19 vaccine appointment (with a mask, of course), or perform a variety of other critical roles in our community – and feel good about your accomplishments.
  3. Volunteering teaches valuable skills, builds confidence through achievement and provides great experience. Learn how to do something new or outside your comfort zone. Make phone calls to lonely seniors, help raise money online for a cause (like United Way of Broward County!), volunteer at a local vaccination site. These are just a few ideas; be on the lookout for more!
  4. Volunteering helps you stay active mentally and physically. Such activities get you moving and thinking at the same time, and can lead to feelings of better health.
  5. Volunteering may reduce your stress. As you spend time in service to others, you may feel a sense of meaning and appreciation, which can lower your stress level.  And volunteering is fun!

If you would like to explore the many benefits of volunteering, United Way of Broward County is the place for you. Click here to get involved.