picture.jpgMeet Audrey, a 53 year old disabled veteran who suffers from a progressive illness. After returning home, she discovered that she needed help and had nowhere to turn. She soon learned about United Way of Broward County’s MISSION UNITED.

Audrey lives in Broward County, but works in Miami Dade County as her employer has been the only company that has accommodated her medical condition with a flexible work schedule. Due to this, she has to travel across counties for work every day. Audrey’s family is unable to assist her, and she requires a reliable automobile for her employment and several VA medical appointments. 

Audrey needed a more functional and safer automobile with a monthly payment she can afford in order to continue working and commuting every day. 

Thanks to JM Family Enterprises Inc., Audrey met with their sales and finance team which resulted in her being able to purchase an affordable and reliable vehicle. We appreciate JM Family Enterprises Inc. long standing partnership with United Way of Broward County’s MISSION UNITED. Audrey is now able to travel to and from work in her reliable new Toyota. #MISSIONACCOMPLISHED

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