Emily and Jessica


Mother%20and%20Daughter.jpgTears streamed down Emily’s face as she hugged her mom. She was hungry, scared and confused and her mom, Jessica, was just as scared.

Just a few months prior, Jessica had an argument with Emily’s father, he packed his things and left them. She was quickly forced to take on all financial responsibilities, including paying for her two-year old daughter’s day care so she could go to work. She quickly fell behind on her rent, bills and could barely afford the bare minimum – including putting a meal on the table.

Jessica turned to a local family crisis program and through United Way of Broward County’s program, Project Lifeline, she was added to the database to receive fresh, nutritious food each month. With a young daughter, the ability to access fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and milk was extremely important. 

“It was a struggle to put any kind of food on the table for my daughter. I couldn’t worry about if she was eating healthy foods or not. Thanks to United Way’s Project Lifeline she now has fresh produce each month.”