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Join us in exploring which generation knows the most and hear real life stories from all different professions.

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Trauma Responsive Learning Initiative


Moving Broward from “Trauma Informed” to “Trauma Responsive” Join us for a transformative learning opportunity to elevate your organization’s internal and client-serving culture. Led by Dr. Stephanie Covington’s elite team, who have received national recognition for their work in creating community-wide change in the trauma field. Your process will begin with 10-12 designated members of

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Broward Youth Coalition (BYC) Action Team Meeting

The Broward Youth Coalition (BYC) engages youth by educating and empowering them to become change agents of influence among their peers and within their communities, particularly in relation to drug prevention and mental health promotion, working diligently to reduce marijuana, alcohol and other drug use among young people. Meetings are held every third Wednesday of

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Community Response Team (CRT) Meeting

The Community Response Team (CRT) works tirelessly to combat the opiate epidemic and other emerging drug trends within our community, striving to address these pressing issues and ensure the well-being of our residents. Meetings are held every 3rd Thursday of the month, from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM. 2023/2024 Chairs: Dave Scharf and Alina Shaw

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Mental Health Promotion Action Team (MHPAT) Meeting

The Mental Health Promotion Action Team (MHPAT) works to promote mental health by collaborating with the treatment and wellness community to integrate systems of care that address mental health risk factors and enhance prevention services. Meetings are held every third Friday of the month, from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM. Please contact Coraal Cohen for

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Event Series Data Workgroup

Data Workgroup

To share timely and reliable information about suicide deaths in Broward that helps define and determine the magnitude of suicide risk and provide early warning and emerging problems. Meets Every Fourth Friday 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (Via Zoom) Click here to contact Latrice Sampson Richards, LPC, LMHC l Director of Health Initiatives for more information.

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