How to Protect Yourself and Your Family From COVID-19 This Holiday Season

It feels like it’s been a long time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and everyone is anxious to get back to a “normal” life with large family gatherings and holiday festivities. But before you pull out the extra folding chairs, consider some safety tips offered by Florida Department of Health in Broward County.


  • Celebrate virtually through Zoom or only with members of your household
  • Limit the number of attendees 
  • Gather outdoors if possible
  • If inside, open doors and windows
  • Wear a mask
  • Stay 6 feet apart
  • Wash your hands frequently 


  • Attend gatherings if you are sick, in isolation or quarantine 
  • Attend gatherings if you are waiting for COVID-19 test results 
  • Attend gatherings if you or someone you live with is at higher risk for COVID-19 
  • Shake hands or hug
  • Gather in crowded indoor spaces
  • Sing or shout
  • Share food or drinks 

This holiday season, United Way of Broward County encourages everyone to share good wishes and good times virtually whenever possible. Let’s all stay UNITED at heart while staying apart.

For more information regarding COVID-19, visit our Resource Center here