Jerry & Judy

Jerry%20Judy%20Success%20Story_0.JPGFor Jerry and Judy Eppy, giving back has always been a priority. The married couple of 56 years have always been philanthropic, and they are making their presence felt locally as a part of United Way of Broward County’s ReadingPals initiative. The Eppys are two of the more than 200 volunteers who have dedicated one hour each week to one-on-one mentoring with local children. The goal is simple, to ensure more children are reading at grade level by the end of third grade.

The couple began the 2013-14 school year each mentoring one student at Endeavor Primary Learning Center. Throughout the course of the year, they both added an additional student. Between the two, the Eppys logged more than 72 hours illustrating their dedication to improving literacy skills and reading comprehension.

“People need to contribute to the community that has given to them,” said Jerry. “We have led a charmed life, and now is our time to give back.”

Thanks to volunteers like Jerry and Judy Eppy, hundreds of children across Broward County will learn to read each year.