Legacy Giving Builds the Vision of a Broward County Where All People Thrive


iStock-1438937595.jpgFinding a variety of ways to give back to our community and to support our mission to create a better Broward County provides so much purpose and meaning for our thousands of donors. Most of us often take a ‘what can we do now’ approach to charitable giving, and without a doubt, your constant support in our efforts to solve today’s challenges is extraordinarily impactful.

One powerful way to maximize charitable impact for the future and beyond your lifetime is through Live United Forever Fund — United Way of Broward County’s Legacy Giving program. For our donors, participating in the Live United Forever Fund has a range of personal benefits, such as:

  • being regarded from generation to generation for your generosity and commitment to our community
  • building an endowment providing support in perpetuity for the causes that matter the most to you
  • helping maximize the full value of your estate for your beneficiaries through tax incentives and tax breaks
  • leaving a major gift that may not have been possible in a donor’s lifetime due to financial commitments
  • investing in a better, stronger Broward County for the future

Legacy Giving may appear to be complex and technical, but with Live United Forever Fund, our United Way makes the process simple — and the impact you make will be felt for generations to come. Our team works closely with you and your advisors to ensure your gift will make the greatest impact and will fulfills your desire to leave the lasting legacy you want for the betterment of our community.

Unlike an annual donation, a Legacy Gift usually is scheduled often as part of financial or estate plans. Typically donated through a will or trust, Legacy Gifts are made after a donor passes away, and these gifts can come from a variety of traditional and non-traditional assets.

For example, you can include United Way of Broward County in your estate plan by:

  • make a bequest through your will
  • designate proceeds for life-insurance policies
  • name United Way of Broward County as a beneficiary in your retirement plan
  • design a trust-based gift
  • create a charitable gift annuity
  • contribute an outright gift, such as cash, check, or other donation, to Live United Forever Fund
  • make a monetary contribution or provide gifts such as securities, real estate or other assets for investment into Live United Forever Fund

iStock-1436950686.jpgYour Legacy Gift through the Live United Forever Fund can represent the culmination of your passion and support for our United Way’s mission — and opening a Legacy Gift is a flexible, efficient and tax-effective way to ensure your thousands of people in Broward County will benefit from your generosity forever.

Our United Way’s Giving Team is available to answer questions and assist with any planning so you can provide maximum benefits to you, your family and your community.

To learn more about the benefits of Live United Forever Fund and how you can get started, visit UnitedWayBroward.GiftLegacy.com.