On Valentine’s Day, All You Need Is LOVE United!

United Way of Broward County Is Offering a Unique Way to Spread Your Love

Love is in the air on February 14! Valentine’s Day is this week, and this day of love can be celebrated in countless ways. Handwritten cards, red balloons, streamers and of course roses and candies are everywhere, along with special deals in pretty much every store.

Many of us want to find new, meaningful ways to recognize the special people in our lives — and Valentine’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to give back. That’s where United Way of Broward County’s LOVE United comes in!

Starting on February 14 — and then available throughout all of 2024 — LOVE United is a unique way you can express your affections for special people and all the significant moments in their lives.

For us at United Way of Broward County, Valentine’s Day is an inclusive time to show how much you care and love ALL the people around you. This day of love isn’t just for romantic partners — love can be shared with anyone and everyone on this day and year round!

How it works is simple: When you make a donation through LOVE United, we will send a personalized e-card to let the special people in your life know you have made gifts to our United Way in their names. Our LOVE United is one way you can go above and beyond traditional gifts in expressing your love for family, friends, coworkers or significant others. Plus 100% of the proceeds from LOVE United will directly go to United Way of Broward County’s 130+ programs and services.

Who can receive a LOVE United e-card? Absolutely anyone you like! With LOVE United, the possibilities of spreading love are endless. In addition to Valentine’s Day, examples for the rest of 2024 can include:

  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • Mother’s Day or Father’s Day
  • graduations
  • recognition of coworkers
  • get well wishes
  • condolences
  • commemorations
  • any events you choose

Why not send multiple cards and messages to spread the love to all you know? A small act of kindness can brighten someone’s day, and with LOVE United, there are no limits on the amount of goodness we can put into Broward County.

To share your love, visit UnitedWayBroward.org/LoveUnited, and then make a donation of $25 or more to United Way of Broward County. We will handle the sending of your e-card, and then 100% of the proceeds will directly benefit people who live in our community.

Your gift through LOVE United is a warm, meaningful way to show someone you care — all while helping someone in need.