Taking Pride in LGBTQ Support

June is Pride Month, and you can be proud that your United Way funds a program that coordinates the accessing of medical and behavioral services by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning individuals in Broward County. 

Last year, Melanie, a 42-year-old Transgender woman, came to the LGBTQ Health and Wellness Care Coordination program for a variety of assistance. Melanie had socially transitioned and living as a woman for 15 years without any medical assistance. Through this program funded by United Way of Broward County, she was linked to mental health counseling and physician services, and was provided help to legally change her name. “I now love talking on Facetime,” said Melanie, “because I feel pretty. I owe all of my success to this program. I never thought I would be this happy.”

The LGBTQ Health and Wellness Care Coordination program serves subpopulations of the LGBTQ community, who experience the greatest physical and behavioral health disparities. In addition to identifying healthcare providers that are proficient in the unique needs of LGBTQ individuals, the program’s professionals maintain regular contact with clients and follow up to ensure they access relevant services.

Every person deserves to live their true and authentic self, and United Way of Broward County fights for the health, education and financial prosperity of everyone in our community. Supporting programs for the LGBTQ community enables people of all backgrounds to receive the physical and emotional care they need to thrive and enjoy life.