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Sample Letter/Email Supporting Public Education:
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Education is a critical driver of our economic success as a state and country. Now more than ever, we need your support for a strong and viable public education system. In a 21st century global economy, our children need the tools to be successful, and we will need a highly skilled workforce to be competitive.

As a (parent/concerned citizen) I ask your support to provide adequate funding for our public schools. Funding for public education is not simply a budgetary expense, but is an investment in the future of our state. Dollars are needed to invest in the training and retention of highly effective teachers; in innovation and technology; and to improve school facilities. We need to support our teachers with the tools and resources they need to be successful in teaching our children. Teachers are professionals who change lives and open up possibilities and opportunities for our children. They are the ignition switch driving our economic engine. While all parents should have the options and choices available to send their children to the best schools, we should never waiver from support of our public schools, so they remain a strong and viable option. Successful and strong neighborhood public schools can have on a significant impact on building a strong community.

Thank you for your support,