Alternative Spring Break in Broward County— A Different Kind of Good Times Rolling

340160047_1177802889582077_2349215983095965265_n.jpgIn contrast to some of the pandemonium in South Florida that recently made headlines, many students in Broward County participated in what’s known as Broward Youth Coalition’s Alternative Spring Break or ASB — a variety of events across the U.S. with student-led, volunteer-based activities that benefit the communities where they live.

With Alternative Spring Break, groups of students come together to become immersed in volunteer service, typically for a week. These events allow students to serve their communities in constructive, meaningful ways.

340123393_3045525415741926_597626936129308845_n.jpgOur United Way’s Broward Youth Coalition (BYC) hosts many events in Broward County for Alternative Spring Break. BYC is a unique program that educates and empowers middle-school and high-school students to become agents of change and influence among their peers and within their communities — specifically related to drug prevention and the awareness and promotion of mental health.

With BYC’s Alternative Spring Break, students get connected with different community partners and community initiatives, and the focus is on collaboration with each other, care for our community and individual reflection.

Some of the highlights BYC’s Alternative Spring Break  include:

  • a fun day of clean-up at Fort Lauderdale Beach with NextGen United
  • a day with local law enforcement officers for a gardening beautification project at Gulfstream Academy
  • an interactive theatre activity about peer pressure, causes and consequences at Nova Southeastern University
  • a day of mindfulness activities, story-telling workshops, Zumba dancing and much more at Broward County Main Library
  • a day of creative activities and relaxing yoga with animals at the Lucky Horse Sanctuary in Coconut Creek

These events enable participants to learn about, discuss and understand social issues in a personal, direct way — plus the events enrich these civic-minded students with new experiences and insights about the well-being of our community and themselves.

Many students who participate consider it a life-changing event, and the aim of volunteering with BYC is to contribute to communities in need and to positively influence the students who are volunteering.

Immense thanks to all the volunteers who took advantage of their free time from school to do something positive for Broward County.

340134478_954499378904133_7976684281843226800_n.jpgLike these empowered students, you can make an impact on the health and well-being of Broward County too!