Creating Healthy Smiles

Seven-year-old Darrell’s hyperactivity and inability to sit still, combined with his fear of doctors, resulted in a lack of dental care – and that turned into a mouth full of cavities and decay. Then Darrell’s mother learned about a program funded by United Way of Broward County that provides dental care for children with special needs. 

For the first few visits, Darrell was able to sit on his mother’s lap during the examinations. Now he climbs into the chair on his own, and with mild sedation, has his teeth cared for. 

His mother’s doing her part, too; she has been consistent in bringing him to appointments and keeping sweets away. Thanks to this unique program, Darrell and his mom are all smiles and cavities are not coming as often.  

Through United Way of Broward County, you invest in programs that ensure your neighbors have the opportunity to achieve optimal health. Your support provides access to quality healthcare, access to dental programs and nutritious food for those who do not know where they will get their next meal from.

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