The Prevention Resource Center’s Drug Trends and Indicator Reports substance use/abuse epidemiological, multi-year trend analysis conducted to produce reports that show changing patterns in substance use/abuse from multiple sources. Indicator reports, produced annually, identify epidemiological patters of substance use/abuse in Broward County as well as the State of Florida. These reports compile data from multiple sources, including, but not limited to: medical examiner reports, addiction treatment admission data, law enforcement intelligence data, emergency room admission data and school survey data.

The Annual Indicator Reports are reports that track drug abuse in Broward County and include data on drug-related deaths, medical emergency room visits, addiction treatment admissions, school substance abuse surveys and law enforcement intelligence. The reports, produced by United Way of Broward County’s Commission on Behavioral Health & Drug Prevention since 1997, are published twice yearly (An Annual Report and an Interim-6 Month Report). To view our Broward Briefings (one-page electronic data for action abstracts) click here.