reduce drug use in youth
Youth Action Team

The Youth Action Team works to reduce marijuana, alcohol and other drug use by youth. 

hispanic drug use
Latino Initiative

The Latino Initiative works to reduce alcohol and other drug use among children and youth by providing prevention information and parenting trainings to the Latino Community. 

drug trend data
Surveillance Committee Meeting

The Surveillance Committee shares and provides emerging drug trend data and actionable information to our community.

City of Weston drug prevention
Weston Alliance for Youth

The Weston Alliance for Youth works to prevent substance abuse and promote mental health for the youth of the City of Weston. 

opiate epidemic
Community Response Team

The Community Response Team works to combat the opiate epidemic and other emerging drug trends in our community. 

promote mental health
Mental Health Promotion Action Team

The Mental Health Promotion Action Team works to promote mental health by working with the treatment and wellness community to integrate systems of care which address mental health risk factors and increase prevention services. 

drug free teens
Broward Youth Coalition Action Team

Broward Youth Coalition is a group of young leaders who work to become youth advocates for substance abuse prevention and mental health promotion in their communities.