United Way of Broward County



"I want to thank everyone involved with my legal case for their hard work and dedication.  If not for the team of professionals, I would not have had the opportunity to resolve a great civil injustice to my wife and I. From the beginning, we were treated with respect and understanding.  At no time were we discouraged to seek the proper legal defense, even though we had no funds to pay for a qualified attorney. I would recommend that all veterans who can't afford legal counsel to please take the time to visit your local United Way and Mission United.  They will do anything in their power to assist you.  My wife and I are proof of that."

- Veteran Client R.N.


"MISSION UNITED is a clearinghouse of opportunities for veterans like me. From the moment I walked through the doors, everyone was straightforward and direct in letting me know what my options were as it relates to employment. I would recommend all veterans who are looking for guidance stop in and learn their options."

- Veteran Client R.B.


"More than 4 months ago I lost my job and spent many hours online looking and searching for a job, filled out many applications but had no luck on landing a job. After 3 and half months of searching and filling out hundreds of applications for jobs I became desperate, stressed out and depressed I really thought this was the end of my life, was about to get evicted from my apartment, the electricity turned off including water, I was very close on becoming a homeless person and it was the worse feeling that I have felt in my whole life."


I had no gas money to go to the interviews, no clean clothes, I had not been able to afford to wash clothes for over a month, had no body soap or deodorant and have not had a haircut for months.


Mission United was there to help. I was given all these items plus a place to go and get a decent outfit (borrowed) for the interview. I was so relieved and ready to show them the thanks and proving to them  that I could go thru this and get the job. MISSION UNITED paid for the four-day training and the state license fee required by the employer.


Thanks to United Way, MISSION UNITED and the Urban League working together it was possible for me to keep my apartment, get to the job interview and start to work, have gas money to get to work, pay the rent, electricity and water till a receive my first paycheck and be able to catch up with the bills then start to live once again a normal life."

- Veteran Client J.N.


“As members of Congress from a state with a large and thriving veteran population, we greatly commend MISSION UNITED for its work on behalf of Florida’s veterans.”

- Lois Frankel, Ted Deutsch, Alcee Hastings, Patrick Murphy, Debbie Wasserman Schultz


“MISSION UNITED is doing everything it can and more to help the transition.  MISSION UNITED is not a want, it’s a necessity”

- Veteran S.C.


"This year’s Back to School event was just another example of the way our two teams work so well together to fulfill the mission of service to those who served.  Our entire team wishes to express heartfelt appreciation for the tireless work conducted by the Mission United staff."

- Staff of William "Bill" Kling VA Center