United Way of Broward County


Did You Know?

  • Alcohol is the most commonly used drug among Broward County students - with overall rates of 39.3% for lifetime use and 17.8% for past -30-day use.  
  • After alcohol, students reported marijuana (19.4% lifetime and 11.0% past-30-day) and cigarettes (12.9% lifetime and 2.7% past-30-day) as the most commonly used drugs.
  • Middle school students have an increased risk of substance use when experiencing a lack of stability (59%) and lack of connection to the school environment (51%). 
  • In Broward County 37% of high school students have ridden in a car with a driver under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.


You Can Help

You Can Help individuals at risk of substance use/abuse by supporting prevention education, outreach, and access to other supportive community services they need on the path to recovery.


Supporting our Children and Community to Live Healthy Drug-Free Lives

  • Empower youth to advance social change in order to promote healthy drug-free communities through the Broward Youth Coalition. These young leaders influence positive social change activities focused on underage drinking and substance use/abuse.
  • Fund community-based agencies offering outreach and education using evidence-based substance abuse prevention and mental health programs.
  • Fund assessment and coordination of community resources and linkages for those in need of substance abuse prevention, treatment, counseling and other mental health issues.

What Success Looks Like

Helping children, youth and families live to healthy drug-free lives.


  • Increased knowledge of the dangers of alcohol and other drugs resulting in a decrease in substance abuse across Broward County.
  • Youth are engaged in their communities, schools, families and peers with a commitment to live healthy, resilient, drug-free lives.
  • Prevention and early intervention for children, youth and young adults is conducted resulting in avoidance of a lifetime of substance abuse and mental health issues.

For more information about United Way of Broward County's
Commission on Substance Abuse please visit www.drugfreebroward.org