United We End Homelessness

Strides Towards

Ending Homelessness

Seeking to find new solutions and strategies to end homelessness as we know it, United Way of Broward County and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance created the Broward Business Council on Homelessness, which supports a joint initiative called United We End Homelessness. 

Through its United We End Homelessness initiative, the Broward Business Council focuses on:

  • Education and awareness to understand the true costs of homelessness
  • Community engagement and advocacy
  • Recruiting landlords to provide housing for individuals and families
  • Securing private and public financial resources toward permanent solutions to homelessness  
  • Identifying employment opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness

Please join us by supporting this important endeavor. 


United We End Homelessness

Experiencing Homelessness? 
Call 954.563.HELP (4357)


For more information about the Broward Business Council on Homelessness please contact: 
Brandon Stewart
Manager, Broward Business Council on Homelessness 
(954) 453-3753

Click Here to Download the United We End Homelessness Brochure

The Homeless Solutions Strategic Analysis Report submitted by Lead Homeless and sponsored by BBX Capital is now available.  If you would like a copy of the report, please send a request to Brandon Stewart, Manager of the Broward Business Council on Homeless – bstewart@unitedwaybroward.org

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men, women and children are homeless in Broward County


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