We’re Celebrating Social Workers During National Social Work Month!

There are more than 680,000 social workers in the United States — the odds are highly likely that you know someone who works in this important profession!

National Social Work Month, observed throughout March, is a time to honor the people who work in social services — or “human” services as United Way of Broward County refers to it — for their constant, often overlooked contributions to society.

A single social worker can influence an entire life, and generations of them have shaped all of us. United Way of Broward County has an abundance of professionals who every day throughout the day to solve social issues and improve individual lives — and the impact they make on people’s lives is tremendous!

This month, we are giving extra recognition and applause to social workers and what they do for the people in our community. We recently spoke with several people who work at United Way of Broward County, and they share their motivations, purpose and love for human services.

Social workers make a difference to people in need at every stage of life — from childhood to end-of-life care. Let them know you’re proud of the vital work that they do!

You too can make a difference in people’s lives in our community. Here’s how: