United Way of Broward County

Giving the Gift of a Lifetime

If you are an individual who recognizes the unique value of United Way of Broward County and wishes to partner as we work to sustain our programs, facility and operations, we invite you to consider Legacy Circle membership. With your ongoing support, we will further our mission to focus and unite our entire community to create significant lasting change in the impact areas of Education, Income and Health, thereby, improving the quality of life for everyone living and working in Broward County.

Legacy Circle Membership is a thoughtful way to ensure United Way of Broward County will continue its important community work for future generations. Gifts, in most cases, will qualify for income and gift tax deductions if made during the donor’s lifetime and for an estate tax deduction if made at the donor’s death. In addition, members may also create a lasting legacy for themselves or their designees.

When you join the Legacy Circle, you make it possible for United Way to create systemic, positive change in our community for generations to come. You also become a vital part of a powerful and ongoing philanthropic effort ensuring transparency and measuring community impact.

For more information, please contact Vice President of Major & Legacy Gifts at 954-462-4850.

Planning for Future Generations

United Way of Broward County’s annual campaign provides fundraising dollars for current community needs. 

Our Legacy Circle members - endowment donors:


  • Expand United Way’s ability to address and fundunmet community needs.
  • Provide for unexpected emergencies
  • Fund emerging community needs
  • Ensure United Way’s long-term impact through the establishment, over time, of a substantial endowment

For our community, it is crucial United Way of Broward County has the means and savings to remain strong and responsive for the future.

This is why we invite you to join United Way of Broward County’s Legacy Circle.


With great pride, we honor these founding members of the
Tocqueville Society Legacy Circle:


Carolyn Davis and Ned Black

Colin Brown

Mario Careaga and Ray Stapleton

Joe and Fran Eppy

Stephen Keller*

The Jim* and Jan Moran Endowment Fund for United Way

Elizabeth G. Neff*

Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson, Ph.D.

Alvin Sherman

Ray and Staseli Titus*

Lynne Wines

We are pleased to work with individuals in creating the
naming opportunity that meets a special need or wish.

Bequests or Devises

A Simple Way To Shape The Future

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to become a Legacy Circle member is an outright gift to United Way of Broward County in a donor’s will or revocable trust. When such a gift is made by will, it is called a ‘devise’ or ‘bequest’.  Language to implement a gift of say, $200,000*, which  sustains  an annual  $10,000 Tocqueville Society gift, might read:

‘I devise the sum of $200,000 to United Way of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.’

If your will or revocable trust does not currently provide for United Way of Broward County, the gift can be added to either instrument by a simple amendment or ‘codicil’.

A charitable bequest is just one of many planned giving arrangements you can use to benefit United Way of Broward County. We urge you to consult with your financial planner or estate attorney for more ideas and guidance.

“ I am confident my investment will be leveraged to its fullest. I urge others to join me in supporting our United Way of Broward County so they can also realize the gratification in giving back.” -Mr. Alvin Sherman

*Gifts of $250,000 or more provide for a permanent named endowment fund.
This information is in no way intended as professional advice.

Sustain Your Giving

A Proud History

United Way of Broward County, founded in 1939, is one of the community’s oldest institutions. Since its inception, our organization has focused on priority concerns of our residents,  caring for the needs of our county by funding effective community initiatives. Making a difference has been made possible by exemplary volunteers and philanthropic leadership.

Today, we focus on identifying key issues, funding specific programs, delivering results and providing measurable outcomes.

We don’t just collect and distribute money.  Your gift to United Way is leveraged to its fullest through matching grants, government funding, people and resources.  We direct funding to effective programs with measurable outcomes, holding our community partners accountable for every dollar you invest.


Giving the Gift of a Lifetime

Please include United Way of Broward County in your will. Your name lives on

and you enable our important community work to continue well into the future.

What You Can Do:

Make a charitable bequest to United Way of
Broward County to sustain your annual giving.

A simple amendment or codicil in your will is all it takes.